Guess you can say the deer came to the right place when it smashed through the front window at Vision Plus Saturday morning. It obviously needs some new glasses.

That was the joke going around the office after a buck came crashing through the front window and ultimately left the building without hurting anyone. But the few minutes it was going “berserk” inside the store was anything but funny, according to store manager Lisa Dubuis, who said she has never experienced anything like it in her 23 years with the business.

“I thought at first a car came through the glass. It was so loud,” she said.

Dubuis said the incident happened around 9:30 a.m., when just she and employee Audray Posuniak were in the store. She said the deer came through the front window, and then proceeded to run down the hallway and into the break room. Posuniak went to open the back door, but the deer slipped on her foot and ran back into the lobby. Dubuis, who thought the deer was a six-pointer, said it saw its reflection in a lobby mirror and tried to smash into the mirror. That's when Dubuis ran to open the front door, and the buck walked out.

Fortunately they weren't expecting any customers until 10 a.m. Neither Posuniak nor Dubuis were injured.

“It all happened in about three minutes,” Dubuis said. “Some of our patients were joking about it later, but it wasn't funny at the time. It was really scary. He was huge and going berserk. I'm just thankful he was able to leave.”

The South Lyon police were called but by the time officers arrived the deer was long gone.

Dennis Dubuc happened to be sitting in nearby McDonald's around 9:20 a.m. when he looked out the window and saw the buck. As a hunter, he was intrigued to see a deer walking through the parking lot of King Plaza at Pontiac Trail and Nine Mile Road. He believes the deer was only a four-pointer. He says the deer saw its reflection in the glass at Vision Plus and went right through the glass.

“It came back out, crossed the street and went to Millennium Middle School where it saw its reflection in a window. He tried to charge the window, but didn't break the glass,” he said.

Dubuc watched as the deer ran through the football field behind the middle school and out of sight.

Dubuis said the store sustained some damage, but she is relieved nobody was hurt.

“You could not have imagined something like this could happen. It was crazy,” she said.

Written by Kurt Kuban, Staff Writer

 Hal Gould | Staff Photographer
                                     The Buck Shops Here!
                                He Must Have Been Texting!
                   He was just window shopping but couldn't buy
                 anything because he didn't have any doe with him! 
                        He was looking for the Just A Buck store!

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